Rainbow Scarf Man aka Greens Brissy city councillor Jonathan Sri ignited the nation’s imagination yesterday by wearing a pretty flash scarf – his partner’s – to Larissa Waters‘ resignation press conference. Today, he posted on Facebook with an idea to make some concrete good come from his newfound online fame.

This morning Sri set up an online auction of the rainbow scarf in the comments to his Facebook post – with the proceeds set to go to local non-profit homeless support services, West End Community House, Murri Watch and Brisbane Youth Service.  

Bidding started at just $20, but rose fairly steadily throughout the day until the auction ended at $350 at 6pm. 

Waters, who arguably inadvertently started the whole #RainbowScarfMan furore yesterday, shared the post on her Facebook, adding “Giving this worthy cause a kick-along. Bids open til 6pm for Jono’s famous “Ken Done python”, to help the homeless!” 

Sri joked around with people offering him a “bowl of kale” for the on-trend item:

Brissy Councillor Jonathan Sri Just Auctioned Off *That* Scarf For Charity

But he did not engage with people trying to have a go at him with really silly digs at the Greens and strange anti-immigration accusations, because ain’t nobody got time for that. That’s not funny like kale is. Also he’s a councillor and has stuff to do.

Sri said just before 5pm that he was beginning to feel a bit sentimental about the scarf. He ultimately told the successful bidder, a Queensland man: “I have half a mind to buy the scarf back off you and donate the money myself. Either way, thanks to everyone who put their money where their mouth is.” 

He then went on to speak passionately about the struggles of severely underfunded frontline homelessness services, including West End Community House. 

Brissy Councillor Jonathan Sri Just Auctioned Off *That* Scarf For Charity

On ya, Jonathan. 

Photo: Kerrin Binnie / Twitter.