Brissy Bloke Starts 2018 With GoFundMe For Dunny That Got Demolished On NYE

There is a shared moment I have experienced every single time I’ve thrown a house party. Sometimes it happens when I wake up in the morning and see the depth and breadth of filth that has been spread throughout my home. Sometimes it is at 2am when all I want to do is sleep and a bunch of my dickhead mates are trying to see if they can climb on the roof. Whenever it is, that thought is always: ‘Why did I think this was a good idea?

For Brissy boy Josh Lyons, I imagine this moment came when he realised someone had somehow blown a hole clean through the bowl of his toilet. Those of us who are less industrious than Josh would maybe call up the real estate and try to pass it off as reasonable wear and tear. Maybe we’d even just sadly fork out the money for a new toilet. But not Josh. Josh took his problem to the good people of the internet and said ‘Hey, mate, my shitter is fucked up, can you help?

In the GoFundMe titled ‘Get Josh a new toilet‘, Josh explains his plight concisely and with little to no embellishment:

I threw a lit New Years party and some dickhead broke the side of me toilet open. I have to walk around the corner now and it’s only been a day but I’m bloody done.

Help undo the injustice. Start 2018 right.

A ballsy strategy, and one that paid off, after only a day, he already managed to get $200 of his $150 goal, possibly allowing him to get an even fancier toilet than he had before.

Josh, mate, we can only respect the hustle and we wish you and your new throne nothing but the best. Good luck figuring out who fucked up your toilet.