Brisbane commuters found themselves in the midst (more like in the mist, amirite?) of an utterly ridiculous cloud of fog, at the most inopportune time possible: during a big ol’ bus driver strike. 

The Queensland capital was blanketed by the white stuff for an extended period this morning, causing serious congestion on a whole slew of its major roads. 

Traffic was compounded by two hours of industrial action undertaken by the public transport workers, who are hoping to draw attention to what they say are serious safety concerns and problematic shift allocations.

That wasn’t the only public transport SNAFU, either. Extremely low visibility hampered the ability of ferry workers to do their dang jobs, making life difficult for commuters who take to the Brown Snake for their daily travels.
Oh, you better believe flights were impacted, too. Domestic Qantas flights experience a raft of delays, but such problems weren’t super widespread. 

The weather system is predicted to morph into a possible thunderstorm this arvo, and it’s yet to be seen if the Rail, Tram and Bus Union meets with the city council tomorrow. 

Until then, cop these lovely photos, and be glad you’re not currently trying to traverse that atmospheric madness:

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Source: Courier Mail / ABC. 
Photo: @suewhit / Instagram.