From Dick Appointments To Picnics, Here’s What You Can & Can’t Do During Brisbane’s Lockdown

Greater Brisbane is plunging into a three-day lockdown in the hopes of containing an outbreak of the UK variant of COVID-19, which is thought to be around 70% more infectious.

From 6pm on Friday night, anyone in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay and the Redlands will be subject to stay at home orders, only leaving for the essential reasons and definitely donning a face mask when you do.

Crucially, anyone who was in Greater Brisbane since January 2 but has since left is also being asked to lockdown for three days.

Here’s everything you need to know.

I’m in Brisbane – when does the lockdown end?

The lockdown will be in place from 6pm Friday night, and is scheduled to lift at 6pm Monday, January 11.

What can I leave the house for?

The main reasons are:

  • Shopping for essentials, food and medical supplies
  • Medical or healthcare needs (including compassionate reasons), as well as providing care or assistance to an immediate family member
  • Exercise – but with no more than one other person, unless you’re all from the same household
  • Work, volunteering or study – but only if it’s not reasonably practical to do so from home

You are also allowed to leave the home for child custody arrangements, legal obligations, visits for end of life, or if attending a wedding or funeral in line with restrictions.

What are the wedding and funeral restrictions?

Weddings can have a maximum of 10 people, including the celebrant and witnesses, while funerals can have a maximum of 20 people.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

You sure do. Masks are mandatory whenever you leave the home, including while exercising and driving in the car.

People face $200 fines for not wearing one from 6pm tonight.

Face masks are only not required when eating or drinking applies, where an exemption applies (such as a medical or mental health condition or disability), and for children under 12 years old.

Do I need to buy 10 packets of toilet paper?

Do you shit every second of every hour? Then yeah, maybe. Otherwise, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Put down the excessive amounts of scratchy two-ply and just chill for once in your gd life.

Am I allowed to have people over?

Ahhh yes, the fabled dick appointment. Also, I guess, having your friends and family over.

Technically yes, you are allowed people over (although you’re being asked nicely to reconsider if they really need to be popping over).

You can have a maximum of two people visit your home per day, in addition to anyone who is already at the house. Anyone who was staying with you before the lockdown starts is not considered a visitor.

Luckily, it’s only for three days – none of this, this time around:

Can I have a picnic in the park?

Only with members of your household or with one other person outside the home.

I live outside Greater Brisbane but I was supposed to duck into Brisbane for an appointment / something else crucial. Am I allowed?

Yes, but you have to abide by the Greater Brisbane lockdown measures when you return home.

Are restaurants still open? I had plans!

Sorry, but they are not. Restaurants aren’t doing dine in, but they will be allowed to serve takeaway food – you can always call and check.

FYI this also applies to pubs and cafes.

I was in Brisbane the other day – do I have to lockdown?

If you visited Brisbane from January 2, then yes, unfortunately you have to stay at home, even if you’re in a completely different state.

I’m away but due to return to Brisbane over the lockdown. What do I do?

If you can stay where you are, then you’re being asked to stay put. However, if you must return home, then you need to return straight home and comply with the lockdown.

I still have a question and you didn’t answer it!

Sorry!!! It’s frustrating. If you have more questions, either leave it in the comments, email us at (and we’ll try and find an answer for you), or see if the QLD Health website has your answer.