Brisbane Disappeared For A Bit This Morning Under Intensely Thick Fog

If you were trying to escape the cold depths of winter for a little taste of warmer weather in Brisbane this morning, you’ve almost definitely had a delayed start to your day thanks to a blanket of incredibly thick fog that settled over the city this morning.

Visibility at Brisbane Airport was down to just 20 metres this morning, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, causing flights both in and out of BNE to be delayed, diverted, and outright cancelled altogether.

City Cat services on the Brisbane River were also delayed this morning due to the fog, which settled over the city at around 2:30am this morning.

The fog in and around the city stretched as far as Roma and St George, and up to the Wide Bay region, with less severe, patchy fog settling over much of southeast Queensland.

Delays at Brisbane Airport have persisted throughout the day as domestic and international carriers battle to bring their schedules back to normal, with virtually every flight in and out of BNE for the remainder of the day delayed in some capacity.

The fog began to lift from 9am onwards, clearing to a sunny day of a balmy 22 degrees, because Queensland and Brisbane is literally paradise.

The morning clouds lift, Brisbane bashes the sky monster, the world keeps on turning.

Winter. Bloody how about it, mates.