A Brisbane cafe had people wondering WTF was going on when, all of a sudden, the tables and chairs were occupied by a bunch dislocated mannequin heads.

Now we finally have answers, and it while it doesn’t involve the supernatural, it does involve the cops and a guy which a huge hat collection.

The creepy setup was part of a joke by the staff of the Continental Cafe in New Farm to boost morale during the tough lockdown restrictions.

“Funnily enough, it keeps us on our game I suppose,” chef and owner Beau Downs told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“We’ve had numerous people just come by for photos, or slow the car down.

“Some customers come in to pick up takeaway and ask me what I’ve done with the bodies.”

Downs had originally nicked the heads from a neighbouring hair salon which was about to discard them. His first intention was to take them home for his young daughters, but then a different idea popped into his head.

His grand plan was to display the 15 mannequin heads in an intimate dining setting to make the cafe feel more lively while they’re open for takeaway-only.

“Everyone in the industry’s a bit depressed now, it’s tricky times for everyone,” Downs added.

Not only did customers and passers-by start scratching their heads, but the mannequins even caught the attention of the cops. Twice.

The first time, police paid the cafe a visit after driving past and seeing what they thought was a public gathering. They took a quick headcount and cracked a smile at the joke.

A few days later, Downs said a “vagabond-looking fellow” who claimed to have a large hat collection took a bunch of extra heads out of the neighbouring salon’s dumpster.

Suddenly, police returned to the cafe thinking they were the same heads (they weren’t) and had been stolen. Since then, Downs has kept his own head down to avoid the extra attention.

Although the cursed props have been put away time being, this isn’t the last time the mannequins will rear their perfectly-styled and blow-dried heads.

“I suppose it’s time to come up with some other new and inventive way to get people through the door,” Downs said.

Image: Instagram / @continentalcafe