Brisbane Airport Evacuated Overnight As Police Subdue Knife-Wielding Man

Brisbane Airport

The international terminal of Brisbane Airport was shut down and evacuated overnight, as police subdued a knife-wielding man in what they have described as a domestic violence-related incident.

QLD Police say that they were called to the international terminal around 9pm following reports that a man was threatening a woman, understood to be a relative, in the food court area.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing high-pitched screams and seeing several young women run away as an “older gentleman” brandished a knife, causing others to flee.

Officers negotiated with the 50-year-old man before firing non-lethal beanbag rounds to subdue him. He has “no significant injuries” and has since been charged in relation to the incident.

Police evacuated the area and declared an exclusion zone after the discovery of a “suspicious device” – the bomb squad was called in to investigate, and all trains were halted and flights grounded.

On further investigation, the device was deemed to be non-suspicious, and the exclusion zone was revoked around 11pm.

Brisbane Airport was reopened shortly after midnight, however passengers have been warned that delays are expected to continue well into Sunday.

“It will take some time to get operations back to normal,” an airport representative said in a statement. “There will be flight impacts.”