Bridesmaids Writers Kristen Wiig And Annie Mumolo Teaming Up For New Movie

Ever since Bridesmaids hit cinemas and became the runaway smash success that it was – not only topping $288million at the box office, but also being hysterically funny as well – Hollywood has been clamouring at the film’s writers, Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo to head back to the old ink well and pen another script. Now the wait is finally over, and the duo have agreed to work together once again, with Wiig also set to step into the directors chair for the very first time.

Wiig and Mumolo (who you might remember from her cameo as the equally nervous woman on the plane sitting next to Wiig’s lead character of Annie) will write, produce and star in the new comedy for TriStar Pictures that they describe as being a story about “best friends who find themselves in over their heads and out of their depths, which were, perhaps, not too deep to begin with.
In a statement posted on the NY Times, the pair stated “We’re very excited to be writing. We will be going into a cave for months to finish. An actual cave. We found one that’s nice and big. We’re putting a couch in there.
And in response to that, we state:
Though the film has no title, plot details, extended cast or release date set yet, we’re still going to pop off down to the local Hoyts to see if we can start lining up for tickets now.
Photo: Adrian Sanchez via Getty Images.