Most brides-to-be do not contemplate shooting turds out of their doo-doo ass while walking down the aisle, but viral footage from one 2012 wedding ceremony is an exception to the rule.

North Carolina man Luke Logan recently shared footage from his wedding day on Twitter, giving strangers worldwide the chance to hear his wife admit she had a bog immediately before stepping into the church.

Logan, who was mic’ed up during the ceremony, was on deck to capture her saying “I took a really big dump before I came down the aisle.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he replied, fully aware the videographer captured her admission.

You can see her coming to that realisation below:

The video, which Logan initially shared on Twitter in response to a Jimmy Fallon callout for funny wedding #content, has now been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Speaking on his family’s newfound notoriety, Logan was full of praise for his forthright life partner.

The pair now have a four-year-old daughter, indicating their marriage survived one shitty moment at the altar.

Good for them.

Image: Luke Logan / Instagram