Brendan Dassey’s “Immediate” Release Has Been Blocked By Another Court

Mere days after US judge ordered the immediate release of Brendan Dassey, one of the subjects of Netflix‘s insanely popular doco series Making a Murderer, a federal appeals court has blocked the motion, pending the outcome of an appeals process by the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s attorney general, Brad Schimel, announced soon after the decision by US magistrate judge William Duffin that Dassey ought to be immediately released under court supervision that he would file an immediate emergency motion to block Dassey’s release.
The appeal by Schimel argues that Dassey confessed to the crime in elaborate detail – despite the allegations by the Netflix doco that these confessions were illegitimately extracted by police. He writes:
This case involves the brutal rape, murder, and mutilation of Teresa Halbach that 16-year-old Brendan Dassey committed with his uncle, Steven Avery. Dassey admitted to his crimes in extensive detail, in an entirely voluntary confession, during which investigators used techniques that courts around the country have approved time and again.

Dassey, 27, has been incarcerated since 2007 over the murder of Teresa Halbach. His conviction was overturned three months ago, and the state is vigorously appealing.

The Centre on Wrongful Convictions of Youth, the clinic representing Dassey, said it was disappointed.
“We are disappointed more than words can say,” the firm said in a statement. “The fight goes on.”
We’ll keep you posted on this one.
Photo: Making A Murderer.