Brain Aid Needs You

At an age where the thought of mortality barely crosses ones mind Dave Montoya has been confronted with the harrowing notion that life as he knew it would never quite be the same. Dave was diagnosed with a deep brain tumor (Anaplastic Oligoastrocy) in early 2008. Since then he has undergone numerous operations with no success of completely removing the stubborn tumour. Dave is a gifted artist and graphic designer. After his first operation he was able to return to work and continue to follow his dreams. Unfortunately, the position and size of the tumor made it impossible for surgeons to remove it completely; and after Dave’s second surgery he was affected by post surgery neurological damage resulting in partial paralysis to the left side of his body – affecting his left foot and motor skills. Recently due to some seizure activity, David has more difficulty with his condition.

In a bid to raise funds to subsidise what the Australian health system does not, the boys (Nick Whitehead, Mark Shawyer and David Nicholson) at Black Coffee Lyrics on the Gold Coast have teamed up with This is a Plain Tee founder Andy Wilson to create a fundraising extravaganza.

Inspired by Dave’s love of art – Andy and the boys from Black Coffee Lyrics are asking for budding or established artists to submit their interpretation of the human brain. The Artist Competition starts on January 11th and finishes up on May 29th. Entries, which are to be created on canvas, are to be submitted via email to

Entries will be published on a dedicated brain aid ‘ life as we know it Facebook Page. The submissions will then be judged by the amount of likes each art submission receives. The top 10 canvases with the most Facebook support will be auctioned off at the ‘Brain Aid Life As We Know It’ party at Black Coffee Lyrics on the 24th of April. The winner will be officially announced on this same night, chosen from the top three entrants. The winner will be featured in a This is a Plain Tee limited edition artist collection sold in boutiques Australia wide in July-August. This is a great opportunity for exposure not only for the winning artist but more importantly for Dave.

The treatments that Dave has been receiving have cost in excess of $300,000. In an attempt to help relieve pressure from mounting bills and ongoing expenses, profits from each shirt will go towards helping Dave as well as money raised at Black Coffee Lyrics with the auctioning of Artwork and donations.

Get involved here.