Brad Hazzard Chucked A Tanty & Walked Off After Being Asked About The Private School Pfizer Jabs

Brad Hazzard

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has lashed out at a journo that criticised the bungled St Joseph’s College vaccinations, and honestly fuck off mate.

Hazzard was taking questions at a presser on Wednesday when a journalist asked him a question regarding the St Joseph College vaccinations.

“Minister Hazzard, how damaging is it for the public’s perception of the State Government’s vaccine roll out that NSW Health, your department, accidentally vaccinated 160 Joeys boys, and how embarrassed—”

Minister Hazzard then interrupted the journalist.

“What I find more embarrassing, is that you would make that sort of question and accusation against frontline health staff who work their butts off and who tomorrow will have a million vaccinations into arms,” he said.

“You know what, the school intended it well. There was a mistake and so what? It happened. Out of a million vaccinations. Move on.”

Ah yes, how embarrassing for Australian journalists to try and hold their Health Minister accountable for a mistake in the portfolio that he is responsible for. Truly, the audacity.

Hazzard’s tantrum did not impress viewers, especially considering there is still yet to be an explanation for how a mistake of this scale could be made. The deflection and attack on the journo left some people comparing the situation to Donald Trump‘s behaviour.

In the same press conference, Brad Hazzard also said that NSW may have to give up on a lockdown and just live with the Delta variant if people don’t listen to health advice.

“I think at some stage if the individuals that we need don’t hear Dr Chant’s message and don’t respond then at some point we’re going to a stage we’re going to have to accept that the virus has a life that will continue in the community,” he said.

His comments have angered people who are accusing him of abandoning the public.

To catch you up, 163 year 12 students from St Joseph’s College were vaccinated with the Pfizer jab despite the fact it is currently not rolled out to people under the age of 40. NSW Health said this happened in ‘error’ and that the vaccines were meant for Indigenous students, but has not revealed more information on who was responsible or how it happened.

The public has expressed outrage that a bunch of private school boys were prioritised for the jab when plenty of elderly and vulnerable Australians are yet to receive their dose. Contrary to what Brad Hazzard may think, it actually is a big deal that this could happen – especially when other private schools revealed that they were in talks to potentially arrange vaccinations for their students, too.

But hey, am I really surprised? I mean, this is also the man that compared people wanting vaccinations to The Hunger Games and told people not to kiss or cuddle at home during the pandemic. So yeah, that’s the state of NSW politics. Love that gold standard.