Brace Yourselves, Prince Harry Is Moving To Australia

Is it a coincidence that the same week Emma Watson brutally denies Prince Harry (because that’s definitely what happened), he quits his job and decides to move halfway across the world? 
We somehow think not. That kind of crushing rejection will make you pause and rethink a lot of stuff.
The UK’s Evening Standard report that rampant royal ranga Harry is putting an end to his active military career after two tours of Afghanistan, and will now be spending “a significant period abroad.”
While the exact timings have not been announced, that “significant period” includes several weeks in Australia, where he will be seconded with army units as one of his final military duties. 
The prince, who did a gap year in Australia (#neverforget the time the above picture was taken) will reportedly “fulfill several other non-military public duties Down Under.”
We’re not sure if ‘non-military public duties’ includes leaving The Ivy with groups of 20 women in tow but we have a pop culture publication to run, dammit, so we’re crossing every available finger.
For those about to Google this, the priapic prince is currently rumoured to be dating Camilla Thurlow, but we know you can take her.
Harry plays to spend his future years looking into “conservation and wildlife” projects, and programs that will “aid the rehabilitation of injured service personnel.”

Photo: Chris Jackson / Daniel Berehulak via Getty Images