Boy Wizard Who Predicted Kimye’s Baby Name Wants His Gift Recognised

Many moons ago, back before Kanye West and Kim Kardashian confirmed their second child was a boy, an LA teen predicted that their still-developing embryo would one day be given a title far above his station.
That child was Saint West, whose name a bloke called Rudy put money on way back in June.
Given he was BANG FUCKING ON, Rudy is now calling for recognition for the recognition he deserves from Kimye.
Is naming him Godfather too much? We think not. 
In the meantime, fellow Twitter users have wasted no time using Rudy as a human Magic-8 Ball.

Rudy’s remained pretty quiet, no doubt resting his blessed Third Eye,  after such a epic Nostradamus moment, but we see great things for his future.
PS. Rudy, if you’re reading we wouldn’t mind the answer to that last question too mmmk thanks.
Photo: Harry Potter.