If any of your m8s were among the 10,000-odd booze hounds who tore up Coogee Beach on Xmas Day – leaving behind 15 tonnes of rubbish – rap them over the knuckles, will you? 

As a result of the OTT festive blowout, Randwick City Council has introduced a snap ban on alcohol across the popular beach and its surrounding parks for the entire bloody summer

Booze Banned At Coogee Beach For Entire Bloody Summer After OTT Xmas Party

Mayor Noel D’Souza confirmed the drastic action is a response to what he described as “disgraceful” behaviour from revellers who turned the beach into a makeshift dance floor.

“The poor and inappropriate behaviour of a few on Christmas Day have forced Council to introduce a total alcohol ban for the area for summer,” he said. 

“The public outrage to the devastation of the parks and beach itself on Christmas Day has been quite phenomenal. It is disappointing we have to take such a strong stance, but we need to reassure the community that they can feel safe when visiting and enjoying the jewel in the crown of Randwick City, Coogee Beach.”

He said there was “no warning” about the party, which quickly got out of control after kicking off around lunchtime. 

Lifeguards left the area about 7.30pm, apparently concerned for their safety, and cops reportedly arresting three people for anti-social behaviour. 

Council workers were left to clean up broken bottles, wrapping paper, leftover food, Santa hats and other mess scattered along the beach and adjoining Goldstein Reserve.

The blanket booze ban will be enforced from Thursday, December 29, so there go your plans for sundowners to see off 2016.

A gentle reminder that it’s already hard enough to have fun in the city of Sydney – let’s not make it worse for ourselves, eh?

Photo: YouTube.