In a breakthrough his grieving parents have long hoped for, search teams believe they may finally have located the remains of missing Cronulla man Matthew Leveson.

The discovery of bones was allegedly made in the dense bushland of the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, on Wednesday afternoon.

Forensic testing is currently underway to confirm the remains are definitely human and that they belong to Leveson, who vanished in September 2007.

He was last seen leaving ARQ Nightclub, in Sydney’s Darlinghurst, with his ex-partner Michael Atkins.

Atkins was charged with Leveson‘s murder but acquitted in 2009, despite CCTV footage showing him purchase a mattock and gaffer tape at the same time he claimed to be asleep.

An inquest into Leveson’s disappearance also heard Atkins sent texts to his ex’s mobile phone after he vanished, asking where he was, but police later found the device in Atkins’ car.

Bones Found In The Search For Matthew Leveson, Who Vanished 10 Years Ago

During the inquest late last year, Atkins led police to the Royal National Park site where he claimed Leveson was buried, but two searches – one in November and another in January – failed to turn up any remains.

Leveson’s parents Mark and Faye have been fighting to bring their son to justice for the past decade and have been through not only the worst pain any parent can feel – the loss of a child – but dedicated hours looking for their son’s body themselves, digging up areas in and around the national park.

On Sunday, Faye vowed never to give up searching, writing on Facebook:

“The police are not giving up and either are we. I am heart broken and devastated, but my love for my beautiful Matty keeps me going and if need be I will search for Matty till the day I die. I promised Matty I will find him and I have every intention of keeping that promise. Love you Matty, now, always and forever, Mum.”

Hopefully, at the very least, this can provide some closure for their family.

Photo: Supplied.