Bondi Rental Hunters Duped Into Inquiring About Fake, But Sadly Believable, Shithole

In what started off as a NEARLY believable new entry into the ongoing series of “this piece of shit property just went for an insane amount of money in Sydney” stories, has since taken on some new super depressing layers with numerous rental seekers legitimately enquiring after this fake trash heap of a property in Bondi.

Originally posted to the closed Bondi local Facebook group, PEDESTRIAN.TV has received numerous screenshots of this ~spectacular~ rental property deal, in which you could enjoy putting your legs up on literal festering garbage in this $2000/week toilet.


Sweet set-up brah.

The charming description of the “furnished” property offers a “small self-contained flat with sep kitchen/toilet. Suitable for 1 or 2 people that don’t mind sharing.”

Also like so many other rental ads the sick deal “includes guy with beer (he won’t leave). Pets OK.”

Now to you and me brain geniuses, this is obviously a stitch-up of questionable merits, but that hasn’t stopped the house thirsty citizens of Bondi from (what looks like) legitimately enquiring on it’s availability.

Some, however, cottoned on to the bullshitery going down and joined in on the joke:

The pictures used have since been discovered to have been nicked from a recent National Geographic gallery, giving insight into the brutally bad living arrangements of Hong Kong’s lower classes.

Ok so what the shit is all of this then? A fairly succesfull stitch-up? A joke shared by Bondi’s finest? Some sort of political/ideological statement about the decline in available housing for low-income earners?

Maybs it’s a bit of it all, but it’s a LOL and a half regardless.

*sighs* ahhh it’s good to laugh at how fucked up our cities are for young people, am I right?