A Sydney Pub Has A 4,000-Person Waitlist ’Coz We’re All Fucking Desperate For A Beer

pub waitlist

A Bondi pub has a waitlist of more than 4,000 punters who are ready to sink a beer as restrictions begin to lift in New South Wales.

For the measly price of $100/head, you and 9 other friends had the opportunity to rent out the whole Corner House Hotel in Bondi with a $1,000 bar tab, your own bartender and *checks notes* UNLIMITED WOODFIRE PIZZA.

Naturally, people jumped at the incredible opportunity, which costs less than I’ve spent in my first hour at some of Australia’s shittiest nightclubs. The first three sessions (this Friday/Saturday/Sunday) booked up in less than 10 minutes, proving that people will truly pay anything to get back to the pub.

Within a few hours, another eight sessions booked up, including some mid-week sessions that would surely beat your usual Zoom knock-offs.

Although the pub can only house 10 people, they’ve got more than 4,000 people on the waitlist so far, which could result in nearly half a million dollars in the pub’s tills if restrictions ease further.

“Now we’ve got seven days booked out, with double slots on four of those days and a further 4,000 people who have put their names down on the wait list if restrictions are eased further,” the Corner House Hotel owner Ben Siderowitz told Daily Mail.

“We started with just Friday and Saturday nights, and a Sunday session and thought: “Let’s see if we can get three booked out”. Well, they went within seven minutes.”

Countless other licensed venues have followed in Ben’s footsteps, offering private dining/boozing experiences for groups of 10 people. If you’ve got 10 friends, you could enjoy this incredible experience. Also, congratulations if you have ten friends you could rope into a private pub experience.

Although some of us have the opportunity to sink a beer at the pub this weekend, please remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Just because the beer is flowing doesn’t mean coronavirus has been eradicated. If we don’t keep social distancing, our beloved pub could be taken away from us again.

I’m begging you, don’t be that guy in the 100-person line outside your local pub this weekend. It’s not worth it, I assure you.