Bondi Man Wins Lotto Twice In A Week, Still Can’t Afford To Buy A House There

Some absolute lucky asshole has struck his luck not once, but twice in the space of a single week, with NSW Lotteries confirming a man from Bondi somehow managed to win two Division 1 lotto windfalls within the same calendar week.

The yarn goes that the unidentified (smart TBH) bloke in his 40s first hit the jackpot with last Monday’s draw, number 3762. In that one, a System 11 entry turned up for said fortunate bastard, earning him a whopping total prize pool of $1,020,487.00. A fair chunk of change by anyone’s estimation.

But old mate’s week wasn’t even over at that point, as it turns out.

Come this past Saturday night and the traditional Saturday Lotto, his numbers managed to come up again, this time on a System 10 entry which hit the Division 1 jackpot, earning him a casual $1,457,834.33.

In five days, across two lotto wins, this felicitous prick raked in a grand total of $2,478,321.33.

Nice for bloody some.

The unidentified fella spoke with NSW Lotteries after his big wins, noting his unbelievable luck.

I just thought this is too good to be true! Twice in a few days! The chances of winning twice in such a short period of time must be non-existent! I wish I had some advice to others on how to win the lottery but I don’t – God has just looked after me!

As for what he’s gonna do with said winnings, Richie Rich over here asserted he would not become a lottery victim like so many before him, opting to invest in real estate and a little holiday.

As I said the other day when I won, I’m not going to be stupid with it and I still plan to invest it wisely in real estate but I guess I’m now more financially secure. I’ll still hope to buy something in Bondi or maybe on the Gold Coast. A holiday to Honolulu goes without saying. I did treat myself to a nice brand new car though but the rest I will be sensible with definitely.

Real estate in Bondi. For $2.5million I’m sure old mate will have a very nice and comfortable new home in that one soggy fridge box in the gutter behind an Oporto.

For those playing along at home, both tickets were purchased at the same outlet, the Bondi Sixway News on Hall St. So if you’re of the mindset that a place has a hot hand that’d be the place to go to try your luck this week. Or if you’re the other way and think it’s now fully tapped out, you know where to avoid.