Some Sicko Is Planting Dog Baits Made Of Broken Glass & Chicken Feet On The Streets Of Bondi

Bondi dog baiting

Someone has been leaving particularly heinous dog baits around in Bondi and Sydney dog owners are rightfully livid. Rather than just poisoning dogs, these baits look like they’d internally maim them, too.

In recent weeks, one Bondi resident claims to have stumbled across two different chicken feet which were tied up with aloe vera, chilies and shards of broken glass.

“We’ve found two horrifying homemade dog baits over the last few weeks while walking our dogs,” they posted on Facebook over the weekend.

“We found this one today – a chicken foot tied up with glass shards, chilies, and what I think is aloe vera.

“Obviously have removed and informed council, but please be careful with your pooches – we narrowly avoided one of ours going for it.”

The dog owner added that on both occasions, the baits were found outside the same apartment block on Francis St.

A concoction such as this would be not just dangerous for dogs, but deliberately painful, too.

Aloe vera can be moderately toxic for dogs and cause vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy, among other things.

Chili can also be toxic for dogs, and it’s obviously extremely painful for animals and humans alike in the wrong quantities.

The broken glass, meanwhile, needs no explanation.

Waverley Council is now aware of the issue.

An RSPCA spokesperson said no reports about this particular incident had been made, but encouraged all dog owners to let the organisation know whenever the see cases of animal cruelty.

"RSPCA NSW urges all pet owners to be vigilant when out with their pets and keep them on the leash to keep them safe and in your eye sight at all times," the spokesperson told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Sydney, like most Aussie cities, has seen too many dog baiting incidents in the past. This time around, the news is spreading across heaps of different Facebook groups to make sure whoever is trying to poison these pets doesn't get their way.

Bondi dog owners: be careful out there.