Cooked Vids Show Bondi Beach Getting Gobbled Up By Waves As ‘Hazardous Surf’ Hits NSW’s Coast

If you were planning to go to Bondi Beach (or any NSW beach), I have a word of advice. Don’t.

Loads of fucked videos have emerged of Bondi Beach get virtually washed away by waves on Saturday morning. The whole beach was covered, with water flooding on to the promenade and road. Not great!

The vids are properly giving me the heebie jeebies — even more than Bondi usually does.

As well as the scenes at Bondi, Bronte Beach also flooded. Waves knocked down a retaining wall at Bronte in case you needed any reminders of how powerful the ocean is.

“We’re getting quite a lot of this now,” Waverley Mayor Paula Masselos told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“This is climate change. We’re dealing with some pretty severe surf conditions so we will be making sure we build good and strong walls.”

The scenes in Sydney came after the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) issued hazardous surf warnings for almost all of NSW’s coast. Only 11 beaches in NSW were open on Saturday so definitely pack away your goggles and Speedos. In a small reprieve at least, Sydney is being predicted a blessed three days of sunshine from Sunday.

The wild waves are being caused by a deep low pressure system off NSW’s coast as per BOM. As well as the hazardous surf warnings, there are also severe rain warnings for the South Coast and Snowy Mountains.

As a fun little bonus, there are also damaging surf warnings for all of the South and Central Coast. Feeling great about the state of the environment RN.

An article published in the New Scientist in 2015 argued that a combo of rising sea levels and big ‘ol storms could eventually erode the sand on beaches like Bondi. Great news, great news.

So if our sea levels keep creeping on upwards, there’s a solid chance we can expect worse than a very wet footpath at Bondi Beach.