Bob Katter Says He Got Booted From A NSW Pub For The Most Boomer Reason Imaginable

Bob Katter Speaking into a microphone

Queensland’s favourite cowboy hat-wearing member of parliament Bob Katter has been refused entry into a NSW country pub at the weekend.

The member for Kennedy was denied entry to the Tamworth Hotel in the state’s north-west after he didn’t produce his vaccine passport.

But wait, there’s more.

In a statement released explaining the incident, Katter is quoted as saying “I’ve had both my COVID vaccinations, but I don’t have a smart phone so I can’t check-in using the State Government app, but I did give them options to verify.

“This is un-Australian.”


TBH Bob almost seems like the type of guy to exclusively use either landline or messenger pigeon. Him having a Nokia might actually be a win.

The Queensland government’s COVID-19 information website states that as an alternative to a digital passport, you are able to provide an immunisation history statement.

Since the rollout of the vaccine, Katter has been a lightning rod for the grievances of those opposing jab mandates.

He recently spoke at a Cairns “Freedom Rally” where he claimed the Queensland government had “failed miserably” in dealing with the pandemic despite having comparatively low figures of COVID cases for nearly this entire panny-d.

“Freedom should be honoured and fought for, not spat upon as the premiers of Queensland and Victoria have done,” the MP said.

“I was in a government that stopped you from doing things but I was never in a government that forced you to do something.”

Despite his refusal of entry, a  spokesperson for the politician told the Daily Mail Australia that he has in fact received his two doses.

“Mr Katter himself is vaccinated and has encouraged people to go to their doctor, as he did, to discuss it,

“Bob remains pro-vaccination but is anti-coercion and compulsion.”

Because of his affiliation with the “Freedom Rally” movement, there could be reason to doubt whether Katter chose not to produce a vaccine passport as a form of protest.

The other option could be that he legitimately doesn’t have a smartphone and therefore has to buy all his cowboy hats in-store, rather than purchase them online.

Knowing Bob Katter and his antics over the years, it’s honestly a 50/50 chance.