Bob Carr Is, Among Other Things, A Pilates Nut And He’ll Prove It

Our former Foreign Affairs minister Bob Carr has furrowed more than his share of brows this week as he treads the promotion trail in support of his upcoming book, the creatively titled Diary of a Foreign Minister. The weighty 480 page tome, which covers the entirety of his 598 days served as Australian Foreign Affairs minister, has revealed some rather curious opinions from Bobby, that range from the slightly snobby to the totally batshit crazy. Whilst the media’s been having a field day going after a few specific sentence grabs from the book, Bob himself has been lapping up all the free press and publicity. But during an appearance on Sunrise he took things to a totally new level, giving host, the equally loopy Kochie, a quick lesson in Pilates, if you can believe that.

Carr, a self-confessed fitness nut, got up and showed off his favourite move – the One-Legged Romanian Dead-Lift which, for those of you keeping score at home, is not to be confused with the Dual-Legged Ukrainian Pull Over, or the Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza – and then challenged Kochie to pull the same move, sparking a very odd, one-round game of HORSE. Rising to his feet (and by extension, the challenge) Carr, with the classic tone of a career politician, spoke the phrase “holding your core” which I will never be able to un-hear. Perhaps it’s this exercise that allowed him to survive the indignity of being lowered to Business Class air travel – where they don’t even give you pyjamas.
Lowering himself down, without once breaking eye contact with his opponent – a tactic of intimidation, or perhaps merely the first symptoms of a developing spinal injury – Carr then righted himself and drew the line in the sand, daring Koch to step over it. Despite wobbles, Koch pulled it off. Begrudgingly, Carr acknowledged its correctness, but was quick to point out that you usually do it whilst carrying weights, and also that he’s a better guitar player than Kochie and can jump higher too.
I’m assuming that during the ad break Carr calmly reminded Koch that his Dad could, in fact, beat up Koch’s Dad.