Bloke’s FB Group Creates Hate Page Aimed At Guy Who Reported Sex Tape

Death threats against a man who called out a vile, misogynistic and quite probably illegal Facebook post have escalated into an organised group with the sole aim of ‘getting’ him.

Newcastle bloke Hayden Brien has been receiving abuse and death threats ever since he publicly called out a sex tape posted without consent into a private lads’ Facebook group with over 14,500 members.


And now another Facebook group called ‘The Boys vs Hayden Brien‘ has been set up, and it’s got 75 members so far. 

“Okay lads this guy has gone far enough, he’s a right little prick… and he broke the number one rule DDTB [Don’t Dog The Boys]!!!!” the group’s description reads. “Now hes (sic) gone as far to endanger the lively hood (sic) of the boys via fucking with out work, so lets (sic) fire back and stop the bastard! Get together here and let’s get some good ideas together we can genuinely put in motion to stop this guy… Heres (sic) the rules.. Only invite the boys you know to be 100% SOLID. Acts of violence are not encouraged, but I know there are some of you boys out their (sic) are smart fuckers and can bring some fair game…. Let’s keep the boys tight lads.”

The sex tape – appearing to be taken without the woman’s consent, and absolutely posted without it – has since been taken down.

Brien told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he only posted about it on Facebook after he reported the tape to no affect. (Facebook is conducting a thorough investigation as to how this happened).

“That was a real major point of my post, because I did try to push it under the rug,” he said. “But then [after nothing happened], I went ‘this is wrong’, and I’m glad I put [the post] out there, because I think it’s time people became responsible for their actions.

“I haven’t hacked anybody’s phone, I haven’t gone behind anybody’s back, I haven’t stolen anybody’s private information, this was quite easily accessible. Any man in the world could be added to that group.”

And just in case we need to remind you, this entire drama is thanks to one idiot dude posting a sex tape – without his partner’s consent – asking over fourteen thousand strangers to laugh at, abuse, and vilify the woman.

TBQH each and every person defending that can get absolutely fucked. 

Photo: The Boys vs Hayden Brien / Facebook.