Bloke Who Copped A Spider Bite On His Slug Chats About His Pre-Dick-Ament

A spider bite right on the slug wouldn’t be a walk in the park. Much less a bite from a freaking redback.
Alas, for poor 21-year-old Jordan, that’s the reality he faced a couple of days ago.
The Sydney bloke copped a direct sting right on the biz whilst backing out a deuce in a portaloo this past Wednesday, leaving him in a fair amount of pain and necessitating a quick skip off to the infirmary.
But rather than hide away in anonymity waiting for the whole thing to blow over, Jordan – the deadset ledge that he seems to be – owned the incident and spilled the beans on his meat & two veg for Kyle & Jackie O in an extended interview on KIIS FM earlier this morning.
The young bloke actually seems like a legit champion, and playfully brushes off most of Kyle Sandilands‘ godawful fucking dick jokes and constant requests to take a look.
If you can stomach listening to Kyle and Jackie talk for 8 minutes, the whole saga is an incredible yarn.

Take this as a cautionary tale, friends. Never back in when you’re backing one out. You never know what layer of hell your bits are gonna dangle into.

Source: KIIS/Twitter.