The DJ who allegedly headbutted Tony Abbott in Hobart while half-pissed is now potentially facing a decade behind bars over the incident, after the charges stemming from the incident were significantly upgraded.

38-year-old Astro Labe was initially charged with one count of common assault over the incident which occurred on September 21 in the Waterfront region of Hobart’s inner city.

It’s now known that that charge has since upgraded to the far more sinister ‘causing harm to a Commonwealth public official,’ which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.

Labe briefly appeared in Hobart Magistrates Court this morning where he did not enter a plea. The court continued his bail, with Labe now set to re-appear before the court on January 18th.

Astro Labe detailed his side of the incident in widely circulated news interview footage, after the September incident which the former Prime Minister attempted to politicise as an act of aggression from a ‘Yes‘ movement campaigner. Labe refuted that vehemently, stating instead that “All it was is I saw Tony Abbott and I’d had half a skinful and I wanted to nut the cunt.”

Abbott received a “very, very slightly” swollen lip as a result of the incident. Court proceedings remain on-going.

Source: ABC News