Footage of a bloke taking a swim with the fish at Sydney Zoo has emerged on social media this week, sparking an investigation from the NSW Police.

The footage, posted up yesterday, shows footage of fish swimming in a large tank in the aquarium part of the zoo in the city’s western suburbs, before the bloke dives in wearing only his jocks.

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Sydney Zoo was quick to condemn the behaviour of the man and report him to the police, who are now investigating the incident. It’s reported the incident has also been referred to the RSPCA due to the breach of the animals’ safety.

Jake Burgess, Sydney Zoo’s managing director, told Channel 7 the prank was a huge health and welfare issue for the aquarium’s inhabitants.

“We’re completely appalled that people would behave in this way,” he said.

“It not only jeopardizes their own safety, but that of the welfare of our animals as well.”

It’s not known how the bloke managed to get into the aquarium’s tanks, or how he was able to enter and exit the water.

Image: TikTok