Bloke Sentenced For Biting A Rat’s Head Off Is V. Chill About His Sitch

A Queensland man has copped a pizzling from a magistrate while being sentenced for filming a video in which he bit the head off a rat, which is something you absolutely should not be doing.

Matthew Clement Maloney caught headlines earlier in the year thanks to the video, which he uploaded to the Facebook page “Mad Matts vids”, which, if we’re honest, sounds like a fount of totally loose content. Don’t bite off animal heads, though. I cannot stress that enough.
The magistrate wasn’t a fan.“There’s nothing that really indicates that this behaviour is suitable,” she said. “There’s nothing that indicates that the behaviour is manly. There’s nothing that indicates that it is admirable.”

“It indicates that it’s rabid, narcissistic, attention-seeking behaviour on your behalf.”

He’s been sentenced to 100 hours of community service, and has to pay a whopping $89.90 in court costs. 
The Brisbane Times captured a truly great exchange with reporters outside the court, where Maloney said that he “didn’t think it was that bad” and that there were “a lot of worse things [he] could have done”. Maybe true, but either way, he won’t be making those vids any longer:
REPORTER: The magistrate said you were narcissistic. Do you agree?
MALONEY: Nah um, ah, it’s all good. I’m going now.
REPORTER: Do you think you’ll still make videos?
MALONEY: Nah, no more. It’s all done.

It’s all done indeed.

REPORTER: So you say you’re remorseful but you don’t think it’s that bad?
MALONEY: I’m remorseful, like I wish it never happened and all that stuff but yeah.

So sayeth we all.

Source: Brisbane Times.