Some Bloke Catapulted A 7News Mic Into Oblivion When Asked Why He Was BBQing Snags In Lockdown

Some bloke absolutely catapulted the 7News mic when asked why he was cooking snags during Victoria’s snap 5-day lockdown and it’s truly a sight to behold.

In a 7News package on Sunday night, a reporter interrogated two mates about why they were using an outdoor barbecue during the lockdown.

“Barbecues across the Yarra sat idle, but these mates weren’t willing to explain,” the reporter said as the camera panned over to the two sausage handlers.

“Did you realise there’s a lockdown?” the reporter asked.

But instead of answering the reporter, one of the guys completely dodges the question better than any politician I’ve seen.

“Mmm can’t wait for some of these snags. These are gonna be good as,” he said.

And then he completely and unexpectedly yeets the mic into oblivion. I honestly was not expecting that at all. I don’t know what I was expecting, really.

You can watch the replay on 7Plus at around the 6.20 mark. The footage was also shared to TikTok account @ausmemes101, who repost a bunch of Aussie-related content.

I want to see someone make a meme out of this, where as soon as the guy hits the mic Bon Jovi‘s ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ starts playing. Followed by a freeze frame of the mic flying through the air in black and white.

That being said, don’t let this bloke’s absolute ripper response to a 7News reporter’s question stop you from taking Victoria’s lockdown seriously, as hard a pill as that may be to swallow. Here’s a list of what you’re allowed to do if you’re unsure (and just FYI it doesn’t include using park barbecues).

It’s not completely unusual for someone being interviewed on Australian TV to go a bit rogue. Something that comes to mind is the old guy who starts barking like a rabid dog on A Current Affair.

Or the chick chick boom girl who described a shooting in the most ahh…interesting way.

Could this be the beginning of the snag guy? Only time will tell.