Bliss N Eso Say The Gun That Killed Actor On-Set Was Loaded With Blanks

Following yesterday’s tragic shooting death of 28-year-old stuntman Johann Ofner at Brisbane bar Brooklyn Standard, management for Bliss n Eso have issued a statement explaining that the gun involved in the incident was loaded with blanks, not live ammunition.

The statement goes on to explain that the Sydney hip-hop group had taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the cast and crew while using the firearms on set:
“Bliss n Eso engaged an award winning production company to film a video clip for their upcoming single.”

“That Production company engaged an accredited stunt company, who in turn engaged a licensed armourer, to provide theatrical and weapon supplies for the video clip.

“A licensed armourer was on location at the time to monitor the four firearms on site (one imitation, two hand guns and one shot gun).”
Bliss n Eso’s management also stress that anti-violence messaging has been a part of the group’s work, and that the music video in question, for the song ‘Friends Like You, was reportedly only meant to incorporate weapons in a minor scene depicting the robbery of a poker game:

“The video clip for ‘Friends Like You’ is a “sliding doors” fictional story that contained a secondary scene depicting the robbery of a poker game.  

“The poker segment was the final scene to be filmed after a week of filming and was the only scene to feature weapons and was a minor part of the overall story line.  

“The song and the video is about having a positive friend or influence in your life that helps you to overcome personal hardships and adversity.  

“The music video was written as a short film where multiple story lines based around the theme of the song intersect at the end to ultimately depict a positive outcome against all odds.  

“Anti-violence messaging has been a continued theme in the band’s music since forming in the late ‘90s.”

Today’s statement also comes attached with a message from the group themselves, who say they don’t feel it’s appropriate to comment further except to clarify that they chose not to reveal Ofner’s identity in their first statement out of respect for his family and the police investigation.

While we won’t know exactly how yesterday played out until the police investigation is over, blank rounds are not the safest things in the world. 
They’re cartridges of gunpowder without the bullet, and obviously can still cause enormous damage: infamously, when Brandon Lee was fatally shot on the set of the ‘The Crow’.
Since yesterday, family friends of Johann have set up a fund for his daughter Kyarna. If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.
You can also read the group’s full statement below.
“We are devastated about the tragic passing of Johann Ofner. Out of respect to Johann’s family, friends and the on-going investigation we don’t feel it is appropriate for us to make further comment at this time. We chose not to disclose Johann’s details yesterday to ensure police had time to contact his family and friends, however this information is now clearly in the public forum. We continue to express our support and condolences to the family and friends of those so deeply affected by this sad event and appreciate your on-going understanding in this incredibly difficult time.

“As there have been many varying media reports about what took place yesterday our management team are in the process of issuing further known information to the media.

“Much love,
Bliss, Eso and Izm”
Source: Supplied.
Photo: Facebook.