Some Goose In Blacktown Just Won $40 Million And Does Not Know It Yet

I can’t ever imagine getting to a point where the purchase of lottery tickets becomes such a voluminous, frequent event in my life that I forget to obsessively check the numbers the instant the balls are dropped. It is incomprehensible to me that I would ever reach a point where I would place a meagre $20 wager and not sweat bullets every second thereafter until the result is known. So lord knows how the hell some absolute unit in Blacktown has managed to not only score the entire $40 million jackpot in last night’s Oz Lotto draw, but has gotten all the way to this point – a solid 18 hours after the draw – without realising it yet.

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Hard is at may be to believe, that’s the situation we’ve got today. Last night’s $40 million Oz Lotto draw had only one Division One winner: An unregistered ticket purchased at a lotto outlet somewhere in Blacktown.

Because the ticket wasn’t registered to an account, Oz Lotto simply has no idea who actually won the giant windfall, and it would appear at this stage that the extremely lucky asshole has no bloody idea either.

The exact location of the Blacktown outlet where the winning ticket was purchased has not yet been disclosed, in a bid by NSW Lotteries to allow the winner to claim their gigantic pile of money in private.

A Lott spokesperson issued a statement this morning urging anyone who may have casually bought a lottery ticket and just plain forgotten about it – you know, the kind of thing you just do – to check their tickets, even if they reckon they didn’t win.

There’s a good chance that someone has headed off to work this morning or started their day running errands, completely unaware that they’ve woken up $40 million richer.

While you may not think it’s possible that you’re last night’s division one winner, if you purchased your Oz Lotto ticket in Blacktown, you’re in with a chance!

Just for the record, the winning numbers were 13, 32, 19, 45, 37, 24, and 15, with the supps being 23 and 28.

Might be time to check yr pants or whatever. And if the winner doesn’t come forward within 24 hours, I’d like to take this opportunity to formally claim it.

No one else can claim it now. It’ll be rightfully mine. That’s how all this works.