Nature. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Even the ocean, home of dickhead whalesdickhead sea lionsdickhead jellyfish, and actual dicks, is on occasion responsible for some genuinely beautiful shit. 

Like this outstanding blacklight wonderland in at Tulka beach in Port Lincoln, South Australia. Caused by a bioluminescent algae, it’s pretty trippy stuff, man. 

The glimmery stuff was first spotted by local Kye Higgins on his dog Miss Millie. After seeing her splashing in the shallows on the beach, Higgins said:

“It looked like there was glow-stick liquid on her legs.”

Loves to get loose, that Miss Millie.

The bloom of Noctiluca scintillans is a fleshy pink colour unless it’s disturbed, when it glows bright blue. Apparently a luminescence of this intensity is pretty rare, so ravers of Adelaide, now’s your chance to participate in Mother Earth’s very own doof.

Source: 7News / ABC.

Image: 7News.