Fret Not, Pizza-Thirsty Melbournians, Bimbo Deluxe Will Be Back Soon

Probably the only thing worse than seeing your favourite pizza place go up in flames is being the owner of that pizza place and watching it go up in flames, which is what has unfortunately happened to the owners of Melbourne institution Bimbo Deluxe.

The $4 pizza dreams of a bunch of people were horrifically quashed after the building was gutted by fire overnight (luckily no one was inside at the time) but all is not lost: they’ll be coming back soon enough.

In a statement, management said that the fire was the result of “faulty office equipment” and “in no way suspicious“. More importantly, they added that the venue would be back open with a new fit out in the “next few months“.

There’s a lesson here for all of us: check your office equipment for, I don’t know, fire stuff? I’m not an electrician.