YAAS: Billy Porter Is Playing A Genderless Fairy Godmother In The New ‘Cinderella’ Remake

billy porter cinderella

Billy Porter is playing a “really powerful”, “genderless” fairy godmother named “The Fab G” in Sony’s upcoming Cinderella film. And quite frankly, this is EVERYTHING.

If you weren’t already aware, Sony is currently filming their own take on the traditional fairytale with Camila Cabello as Cinderella, Idina Menzel as the Wicked Stepmother and now Billy Porter as the glamorous Fab G. Not to mention, James Corden is producing it. A truly iconic combination, we are simply unworthy.

In a recent interview with CBS News, Porter revealed exactly what we can expect from his take on the iconic fairy godmother we all know and love.

“It hit me when I was on set last week how profound it is that I am playing the fairy godmother, [whom the movie calls] the Fab G,” Porter told CBS News. “Magic has no gender. We are presenting this character as genderless. That’s how I’m playing it and it’s really powerful.”

“This is a classic fairy tale for a new generation. I think that the new generation is really ready,” he said. “The kids are ready. It’s the grownups that are slowing stuff down.”

Porter has previously described the film as “Cinderella for the #MeToo era,” so it looks like we’ll be getting a different take on the iconic fairytale.

The film is based on an entirely new concept from James Corden, and will give the iconic story a modern spin. Camila’s Mexican and Cuban heritage is expected to be weaved into the storyline, which is a huge win for diversity in princesses. With musical icons like Idina Menzel, Camila Cabello and Billy Porter, I’m expecting it’s going to be a Broadway fever dream.

Honestly, where do I sign up to have Billy Porter be my own fairy godmother?

The cast began filming in London last month, with a slated release date of February 5, 2021.