Bill Shorten Just Went HAM In His Budget Reply Speech

Leader of the Labor Party, Bill Shorten just delivered his speech in reply to Joe Hockey‘s 2015 Federal Budget.

He gave an impassioned, 30 minute speech, and suggested ideas such as:
  • Coding to be taught in primary and secondary schools, as part of the national curriculum. 
  • Write off the HECS debts of 100,000 maths, science, engineering and technology degrees. 
  • Train 25,000 new teachers in maths, science, engineering and technology fields.
  • Create a $500 million Smart Investment fund to back great Australian ideas.
  • Work with banks to create a partial guarantee scheme to “convert great ideas into good businesses”.
  • A 5% tax cut for small businesses, rather than 1.5%.
And he firmly opposed a bunch of the Liberal party’s promises and ideas:
  • University cuts. Shorten: “Christopher Pyne, Labor will vote against $100,000 degrees every time you bring them to this Parliament!”
  • ‘Work/wait for the Dole’. Shorten said that Labor will never support leaving young people looking for work to survive on nothing. 
To end on for fun, let’s recall some describing words and phrases that Billy used, regarding the 2015 Budget:
  • a hoax
  • a mirage
  • a smokescreen
  • “nothing but a cosmetic job by a very desperate make up artist”
  • “fails every test”
  • “silent on the big picture, the next decade, the long run”
  • “funded by bracket creep”
  • “an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of Australians”
  • “hurts families”
  • “creates divisions and fault lines in our community”
  • “the same broken promises, the same unfair, extreme ideology, wrapped in trickery!”
  • “has a go” at pensioners, schools, hospitals, working women and families, students, veterans, carers and jobseekers
So, you see what we mean when we say he went hard as a motherfucker, yeah? It definitely wasn’t the most chill of speeches, but it definitely got a lot of applause from the gallery (which was shushed by Speaker Bronwyn Bishop multiple times), and lots of heckling from the Liberal MP’s (which was not shushed at all by Speaker Bronwyn Bishop).
Image: Stefan Postles via Getty Images