Bill Shorten Eats Sausage Sizzle From The Wrong Side, Rocks Nation To Its Core

You may say that political reporting in Australia is shallow, overly-partisan and lacking in meaningful analysis of the issues, and to that I say ‘here’s a video of Billy Shorten rocking the nation to its very core by eating a sausage sizzle the wrong bloody way.’ 
The opposition leader was campaigning at Strathfield North Public School in Western Sydney this morning when he failed the most basic of election day tests: figuring out which end to start at when eating a fucken sausage wrapped in bread.  

Admittedly, we’re dealing with some kind of posh, crusty bread here and not your traditional white sliced variety, but still, HOW CAN WE TRUST THIS MAN TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY IF WE CAN’T TRUST HIM TO START FROM THE END OF THE SAUSAGE AND WORK HIS WAY DOWN?
Social media is all over Shorten’s sausage gaffe on what has (so far, admittedly) been a pretty uneventful election day:

Lest we forget, Shorten is, of course, just the latest in a long line of Australian political leaders who have no fucken idea how to interact with normal foods:
The opposition leader has several more sausage sizzles to go through the afternoon, so he can consider this a test run. 
Source: Fairfax.
Photo: Lisa Maree Williams.