Bill Leak Now Reckons You’re All Dummies For Not ‘Getting’ His Racist BS

Oh no. Oh no no no no.

The Australian cartoonist Bill Leak has continued to dig, doubling down on his wildly racist cartoon yesterday that was slammed across the nation for its use of outdated stereotypes – the absent Indigenous father – to add, well, nothing to conversation about the mistreatment of Indigenous youths in the Don Dale detention centre.

He’s written a piece today that seems to have the sole purpose of hurling petty insults at his critics (of which there are thousands – including Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion, Greens leader Richard Di Natale, multiple voices from the Indigenous community, and literally thousands of others besides.)

“When little children can’t understand things, they often lash out and throw tantrums,” he wrote in The Australian today (because where else would publish it).

“Workplace and safety considerations prevent adults stamping their feet and hurling themselves onto the playground, so they have to content themselves with spewing invective all over the virtual playground of Twitter.

“They take aim at whoever confounded them, claim to be offended and engage in a cathartic process of name-calling and abuse.”

He accompanied his bizarro defence with a new cartoon. It’s the same one as yesterday, only now the people are white! And instead of criticising Indigenous fathers, he’s criticising… critics!

‘Please Don’t Lynch The White Man’ – Bill “not racist just tellin’ the truth” Leak, 2016

He even invented a disorder to clarify his point: Chronic Truth Aversion Disorder. This is not a thing.

“The CTAD epidemic that is raging unchecked through Australia’s social media population is rendering impossible any intelligent debate on serious social issues, such as the rampant violence, abuse and neglect of children in remote indigenous communities.”

“The reactions of people in an advanced stage of the condition to anything that so much as hints at the truth, while utterly irrational, are also so hostile that anyone ­inclined to speak the truth understandably becomes afraid to do so.”

What makes this equally bizarre is that Leaks is putting himself in the position of… belittling those suffering his made-up disorder? 

Leaks ends this walk down terrible lane with the line “if you think things are pretty crook for the children locked up in the Northern Territory’s Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, you should have a look at the homes they came from” and a dick-swinging mention of his nine Walkley Awards.


Since the cry of ‘leftist Twitter scum’ seems to get bandied about whenever anyone says something racist / sexist / homophobic and gets called out for it, here is some of the responses to your cartoon, Bill – screenshotted from The Australian‘s very own Facebook page.

And, for good measure, here’s Twitter’s response to today’s one. (What can we say? Twitter gets there faster.)

‘s political cartoonist David Pope even had this cartoon in response today.

Australia: Not A Racist Country™. 

Photo: Bill Leak’s unmentionables.