Remain Calm, But Big W Just Launched A Huge Clearance Sale & There’s Up To 95% Off

big w

Get ready to stock up on everything you’ve ever needed because Big W (aka heaven on Earth) is having up to 95% off hundreds of items in store and online.

The biggest, and arguably the best bargain they’ve got is on Bonds products, which start from a measly $1. So stock up on all of your undies and socks for every male you need to buy Christmas presents for.

The massive clearance sale comes after the retailer faced a huge slump in sales in recent months. Back in August, the classic Aussie store announced that they’ll be closing 30 locations across the country over the next few years. Although it’s bad for the company, it makes for some pretty great bargains for shoppers.

More than 1000 products are included in the clearance, covering everything from socks and underwear to electronics and home goods. So if you’re in need of, well… anything, be sure to check it out.

But who has time to scroll through all 1000 products? Not you! Well, lucky for you, I do have the time, so I’ve rounded up some of the best and most fucked products you can snap up with the gross spare change that’s accumulated on the floor of your car.

After an extensive look at everything included in the sale, it looks like somebody has just walked around blindfolded and picked out a bunch of random shit. But if you’re smart about it, you can pick up some bargains on stuff you need or just really want like travel adapters for $14, $40 off Bluetooth speakers or this silver one-piece swimsuit for one singular buck. ONE. There’s also $250 off a 55″ TV, which means you can spend $250 on wine and snacks for your next movie night.

This sale is also a good time to stock up on the boring shit you need, like deodorant, tampons and giant inflatable flamingos. Or maybe you need a 6-person tent for festival season and want to save $70? Who knows? I don’t know your life story, all I know is that there’s huge bargains on everything you could ever need.

There are two options here. You can stock up on essentials and household items you need, or you can splurge on ridiculous things you don’t need, like a Dunlop Auto Putter or this dinosaur chalkboard that you can write “dicks” on. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. What am I? Your mum?