The Big Potato Is On The Market For $920K So I Reckon We All Chuck In And Get It

Big Potato

Australia’s most cooked piece of property, The Big Potato, is on the market for a cool $920,000, so if you want a little piece of that action, now’s the time.

The Big Potato sits on the main street of Robertson, in the NSW Southern Highlands, and look, it’s really not the prettiest thing in the world.

To be quite honest, it’s actually a bit of an eyesore. It looks like someone pinched out an enormous turd by the side of the highway, but appearances aren’t everything.

It’s what’s inside that counts, and what’s inside is a lovely 10 metre by 4 metre space, so the price works out to be roughly $23,000 per square metre.

That’s … actually significantly more expensive than Sydney, where an apartment in the inner city will set you back an average of $14,104.89 per square metre. Yikes.

Per reports in The Daily Telegraph, the current owners bought it in 2014 for $450,000, with the aim of using the property to extend their supermarket, but now it’s for sale again.

The listing agent says that it can be knocked down, but I dunno, maybe all it needs is for Shaynna Blaze and the Selling Houses Australia team to give it a bit of a makeover.

If you put in a herb garden out the back and tossed a few throw pillows around, it … probably wouldn’t change much at all, actually. You know what they say about polishing a turd.

So to sum things up, then, the Big Potato is pricey and out of the way and it looks like a big pile of dookie, but there has to be someone out there to love this very special property.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ve found your first home?