After Barack Obama delivered his final speech in Chicago last night, many noticed that when the camera panned to Obama’s family waiting in the wings, his daughter Sasha was conspicuously absent. Which made it kind of weird when he looked tearfully over and addressed them both.

This obviously led the people of Twitter to speculate on what could possibly have been more important than seeing her dad say seeya to the most powerful job in the world.

Well, turns out the reason was significantly lamer. Sasha dogged her old man’s final speech because she had an exam in the morning she had to study for. Props to the hard-ass lecturer who clearly said that your father farewelling a job he’s about to lose to an authoritarian maniac was not grounds to reschedule the test.
A White House official confirmed this was the reason. Smdh, Sasha. Dogging the boys for school. Not on.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Getty Images.