Big Bash Security Guard Casually Catches Six While Seated Like It’s Nothing

Mark the date, gentle reader. Wednesday 21st of December, 2016, the day Australia found its latest, perhaps greatest, sporting hero. 
But this is not your usual sex-mad, steroid-guzzling rugby star. Nor your extremely-talented but unfairly marginalised female soccer player. Not even your next Phar Lap, or whatever animal we’re now beating to an early grave.
Oh no, this is a hero of the people. Finally, a salt of the earth, dinkum di bloody battler of an extremely non-professional athlete.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is our extreme pleasure to introduce you to Security Sam.

Extremely short-but-heartwarming story, uh, short, a man now known as Security Sam was plonked at the edge of tonight’s Big Bash League in Adelaide, where the Strikers played the aptly-named Brisbane Heat. He was just sitting down, doing his job, apparently doing nothing remarkable at all. 
But when the Heat’s Joe Burns, a man trained and paid lots of money to play the game of cricket, knocked out a sixer, who was there to catch the ball like it was no big deal? Who made the goddamn crowd go wild? Who seems like the loveliest, most casual of all sporting heroes?
Who do you think.

And like that, friends, Security Sam is in the history books.
As you’d expect, he fkn lit up Twitter.

Hug your loved ones folks, today is a Good Day.
Photo: Twitter / TenSportTV.