This Woman Founded The Only First Nations Talent Agency In Aus & It’s Making Huge Waves

bianca hunt

The world is in need of a darn good shakeup right now. While it’s easy to get cynical about the general ‘meh’ vibe permeating everything at the moment, there is a whole lot of good stuff happening that’s worth celebrating, too.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with LinkedIn as part of our Changemakers video series. Together, we’re shining a light on the Aussies who are starting community conversations on topics such as diversity in entertainment, mental health, inclusion, and more. LinkedIn is working with seven Changemakers, who are driving change in important areas that impact Australians in the workplace and sparking diverse conversations in the community.

In the video below, you can hear Bianca Hunt‘s story. Bianca is a Kamilaroi, Barkindji, Ballardong and Wadjak woman who is working to improve First Nations representation in the Australian entertainment industry. After working tirelessly in the media industry, Hunt, the Linkedin Changemaker founded AGNT BLAK, an agency that exclusively represents First Nations talent, which aims to “provide a culturally safe environment for Blak talent to thrive in the entertainment industry.” The agency was launched in 2021 and is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated.

“I want to be able to turn on the TV and see that it’s not just diversity,” said Hunt. “It’s inclusion, it’s embedded in the broadcasters, it’s embedded in the way in which they do business.”

“I’ve had LinkedIn since I started uni, for making connections and shooting your shot with these really important people,” said Bianca, explaining how she networks with the wider industry to help get her ideas across.

Hunt’s experience working in the cooperate world while studying at university was a huge factor in her decision to launch the agency. “I was trying to change the way I was, not realising how much of a presence I was having already,” she said. “If you believe in yourself enough, then you’re still going to get where you need to go.”

Find out the backstory behind AGNT BLAK in the video (made by our pals at Refinery29 Australia) below:

You can also find out more about Linkedin’s Changemakers program and watch Brenda Gaddi’s story — a first-generation migrant Australian and founder of not-for-profit Women Of Colour Australia.