Whilst most of Australia tuned in to ‘The Bachelorfinale last night to find out whether Matty J would ultimately choose White Brunette #1 or White Brunette #2, the nation’s eyeballs were also subjected to a couple of campaign ads from the ongoing same-sex marriage postal survey.

That eye-rollingly shitty, mostly disproven ‘No’ ad aired a couple of times, (which, ok guys, so two loving gay people getting hitched will ruin the sanctity of marriage but a dude dating 21 women on TV to find a wife is totally chill?), but what truly captured the hearts of viewers across this big brown land of ours was this new ‘Bachy‘ themed ‘Yes’ ad from Australian Marriage Equality.

We urge all Australians to #VoteYes for every Bachelor and Bachelorette. #TheBachelorAUPledge your YES now: bit.ly/BachelorVoteYes

Posted by Australian Marriage Equality on Thursday, 14 September 2017

Accompanied by the absolutely stunning tones of Sarah Blasko’s cover of Crowded House feels-maker ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over‘, the touching ad hones in on what this whole incredibly drawn-out process is trying to achieve: real-life same-sex couples declaring their equal love for each other amongst the most cherished people in their lives as well as in the eyes of Australian law.

Closing with the line “For every Bachelor and Bachelorette, vote yes”, the one minute ad proves how utterly inaccurate most of the arguments from the ‘No’ side really are.

(via The Simpsons Against The Liberals Facebook)

This change in marriage law isn’t anything to do with ideology or politics or religion or schools or anything else some are conflating with it. It’s about love between two people being equal.


Despite only airing once during ‘Bachy’, it went down an absolute treat, with Australian Twitter coming together to praise it/piss tears:

We’re still in the thick of this fight my friends. Tick that ‘Yes’ box and mail that mofo off and you can all come to my super gay wedding to Zac Efron, I promise.

Source: Facebook / AME
Image: Facebook / AME