Today’s thousands-strong student protest against climate change, the Strike 4 Climate Action, has done the trick: ruffled a bunch of politicians’ feathers (looking at you, Matt Canavan) and warmed the cockles of everyone else’s hearts. Look at those little social activists go! You exercise your right to protest, you little bloody legends! Maybe there is hope for this cocked-up world of ours after all!

The primary and high school cohorts showing up in every major city (and a shitload of regional centres) also didn’t skimp on the best bit of any public protest: witty signs. Here are a select few of the best of the day so far:

1. This one’s been snapped all over the place, and with good reason, ‘cos it’s fucken savage (and genius).

2. Simple, straightforward and effective. 10/10 sign work, mates.

3. We stan a topical pop culture reference!!!

4. We stan several variations on a topical pop culture reference!!!!

5. Click in to see pic #4 and its excellent use of the planet Uranus.

6. ‘Gonna miss u boo’ is simultaneously hilariously and extremely sobering. Lol.

7. The kids aren’t holdin’ back, folks! YIKES @ ScoMo.

8. Ya gotta have an en masse pic. So effective! A+ for art mates :’)

9. That permission slip line is a classic, well done you mighty little vegemites.

10. Loving the understatement and also the sign-maker’s excellent expression here:

best signs strike for climate action

Instagram / @e___liza

11. And a bit of time-honoured ‘call the pollies idiots cos they are’ from Martin Place. Beautiful stuff.

Bonus round: this fabulous little mate who busted out his clarinet for a surprisingly jazzy number after dropping some Earth Mother wisdom on us all. Everyone clapped along, and it was the purest thing to happen in Sydney in the last ten years, possibly history.

Scott Morrison, we await your resignation. Ain’t no way you’re coming back from all this.

Image: Twitter / @UnaMcIlvenna