Heres Yr All-Important List Of The Voting Spots Around Aus With The Best Election Day Feeds

2022 election day best food

The 2022 federal election is upon us which means one thing: grabbing yourself a delicious treat from your local polling place after you’ve exercised your democratic right.

That’s right — the tongs are being clacked and primary school P&C groups are finessing their bake sale menus in time for the big day on Saturday, May 21.

Getting a good feed in after you’ve cast your votes in the election is all part of the democratic process. But which polling places are offering up the best grub? Which spots are so well-stocked with the finest fare that people will actively cast an absentee vote just so they can stop in for a well-turned sausage?

I have done the hard yards for you and gathered all the hot tips on the best spots to spend your coin after you’ve voted. I’ve asked the people for their opinions and scoured through the Democracy Sausage website, and I present to you a non-exhaustive list of the yummiest 2022 Federal Election day grub across Australia.

All The Polling Places To Get The Best Election Day Food

Gardenvale Primary School, Brighton East Vic

Not only is Gardenvale offering a sausage sizzle and cake stall, but it’s doing a whole farmer’s market situation this year. Think fresh produce, local business stalls and kids’ activities. Even the sausage sandwiches are bougie — there will be extra toppings like onion, cheese and bacon bits to load up your snags.

Denmark Men’s Shed, Denmark WA

The fellas over in Denmark (Western Australia) are raising cash for a solar power setup and dust extractors by selling bacon & egg rolls for early voters and hot beef rolls later in the day alongside the “ubiquitous” sausage sanga. I’m tempted to get a flight over there just for this election day menu, to be honest.

Camdenville Public School, Newtown South NSW

This little spot in the Division of Grayndler is throwing an “election extravaganza” on Saturday, with all the trimmings, bells and whistles you can think of. There’s a coffee cart, a market full of fresh flowers and secondhand pottery and even a raffle for a wheelbarrow chock-full of delicious local craft beers.

The best part about this particular polling place is the pun-filled names of the grub they’ve got on offer. There’s Alba-cheese halloumi & egg rolls, Scone Morrisons, Alan Fudge, Josh Fried’n’Burg sausage & egg sangas, Barnaby pulled pork barrel rolls and the Tanya Pli-biscuits at the cake stall, too. Tempted to head up there and absentee vote, to be honest.

Virginia State School, Virginia Qld

You’ll find a cake stall, bacon & egg burgers, savoury vegetation and halal options and hot coffee at the Virginia State School, which is raising funds to air-condition its school hall.

Bourke St Primary School, Surry Hills NSW

Another tip in our DMs claimed that this Surry Hills primary school is one of the best in the whole Sydney city area. After a bit of snooping, I found out they’re definitely putting on at least a BBQ this year and after a chat with the P&C I can confirm this is very much the case.

Kenmore South State School, Kenmore Qld

Bacon and egg rolls for the early birds, sausage sizzle with veggie options for the lunch rush, cold drinks to quench your thirst post-vote and chocolates for sweeties. This spot also has gluten-free options, which we simply love.

Hazelbrook Pubic School, Hazelbrook NSW

This spot is doing bacon & egg rolls for the early birds and democracy sausages for those rolling out of bed a bit later, but it’s the non-edible offerings that got me excited. They’ll be selling locally propagated plants to raise funds for the school, which is a damn adorable (and deeply Blue Mountains) approach.

Heidelberg, Vic

Erin tipped me off on Instagram about a polling place in Heidelberg that does a slow-cooked herbed onion with its sausage sizzle which feels deeply illegal and sounds fucking delicious. Please Erin, tell me more.

Yass Memorial Hall, Yass NSW

The Scouts group in Yass will be clacking the tongs on a sausage sizzle as well as a “wide range” of cakes including gluten-free sweeties.

Australian Embassy, Berlin Germany

An honorary mention to this one outside of the country’s borders. The Australian embassy in Berlin is putting on a wee sausage sizzle for any expats in the area who need to vote. A snag costs a one Euro donation and all money raised will go towards supporting people displaced by the Ukraine conflict.

There are definitely more delicious cook-ups happening around the country, I can feel it deep in my soul. If there’s some fkn great grub at your polling booth — let me know! Flick me an email at or slide into our DMs and we’ll add it to the list.