Nothing is more festive than the time-honoured tradition of piling into a car after dinner and going for a little drive around the neighbourhood to look at all the houses gussied up with flashing lights. But the key is to map out the best Christmas lights around you so you can plan a perfect route with minimal driving and maximum ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

Christmas Light Search once again has a stacked map filled with thousands of Xmas lights displays around Australia so you can find the best and brightest ones near you.

Some of them have their own dedicated radio frequency so you can listen to the music the lights are synced up with. Others are raising funds for their favourite charities. There are blow-up Santas and real-life people dressed up as the big man himself but there’s no doubt that every one of these displays has two things driving them: a shitload of effort and a terrifying electricity bill.

We’ve curated a mere sample of the best Christmas lights around Australia for you to peruse and consider when you jump in the car over the next couple of weeks. Because at the end of the day, are we not all just creatures incredibly distracted and enthralled by pretty twinkling lights?

The Best Christmas Lights Around Australia

New South Wales

One house in Mount Annan has gone all out and created a Christmas lights display that looks like you could see it from space. It boasts giant stars you can walk through like you’re hitting Rainbow Road on Mario Kart and a giant lit-up heart that’s perfect for your festive Insta story.

best christmas lights mew south wales
Feel like I’ve just been hit with a blue shell. [Image: Christmas Light Search]
Meanwhile, this family in Castle Hill is doing one last massive display before moving house. It’s an absolute understatement to say that this house is 12 gears of absolute turbo and we love to see it.

best christmas lights mew south wales
My God it’s beautiful. [Image: Christmas Lights Search]


If you can see a weird glow in Coburg it’s probably not the ibises at the lake suddenly becoming radioactive but this stunning display of Christmas lights. Bloody hell you could nearly cop a tan off this one.

best christmas lights victoria
If this is 2021’s display I can’t wait to see this year’s effort. [Image: Christmas Light Search]
This family in Mulgrave has been working on adding to their display for years. They take donations every Christmas so they can add even more bells and whistles to the elaborate setup. It’s the little reindeer holding the sign for me.

best christmas lights victoria
The best displays are the ones that get you out of your car tbh. [Image: Christmas Light Search]


If anyone’s seen the front lawn of this house in Upper Mount Gravatt can you please let us know? It seems all the grass has been replaced with rope lights and assorted sparkly animals.

best christmas lights queensland
A real Noah’s Ark of Christmas lights. [Image: Christmas Light Search]


Not too sure what’s happening over in Gowrie but there are multiple places which are going off like a frog in a sock. First of all, there’s this gorgeous spot which kind of looks like a bushland Luna Park and has handmade rocky road up for grabs.

best christmas lights canberra
LOOK AT IT. [Image: Best Christmas Lights]
And then there’s this place around the corner with a lit-up sign that I definitely want to have a photo with. Let me sit by the giant “HO HO HO” for a perfect shot.

best christmas lights canberra
The festive ho-ho-hos meeting point. [Image: Christmas Light Search]

South Australia

Good Lord, I reckon you could hear the hum of these lights in Warradale from about three suburbs over. Maybe take a pair of sunnies for this immense Christmas lights display which I’ve just noticed is entirely Star Wars themed.

best christmas lights south australia
THE GOGGLES THEY DO NOTHING. [Image: Christmas Light Search]

Western Australia

There’s only one word to sum up this immense display in Collie: Minions.

best christmas lights western australia
Not sure what’s happening with that guy on the end though. [Image: Christmas Light Search]
That’s simply a taste of all the incredible Christmas light displays around the traps this year so get out for a Macca’s run to grab some dessert and then go look at all the flashing lights. It’s an important tradition.

Image: Christmas Light Search