Bernie Sanders, dog love him, might be the flickering candle softly burning in the dead hearts of all Democrats. But a man who is wise to the fine art of Internet joke minimisation, he most certainly is not.

So when addressing the US Senate on the issue of the budget and the begin of incoming President Trump‘s sort-of-but-not-really repeal of Obamacare, Sanders brought a visual aid in the form of a giant print-out of a Trump tweet.

Those of you savvy with cracking wise on the line will be fully aware that this clearly violates the second biggest cardinal sin of internetting: “Do not allow yourself to be photographed standing in front of a largely blank piece of paper.” A transgression that’s only minutely behind “never hold a phallic-shaped object near your face.”

Twitter dove for Photoshop in such an instantaneous manner we’re utterly shocked that Adobe‘s servers didn’t crash on the spot. In fact, here’s a visual representation of everyone clamouring to get to their punchline:

But really, you’re all just here for the memes, aren’t you?

We’ve got ’em. And folks, let us tell you… they’re good.

Carve the phrase “You sound like the mailman in a town where everyone’s a bear” into my goddamn forehead, holy shit.

Blessed, sweet Bernie. King of Memes.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Twitter.