Ben McCormack’s Lawyer Claims He Was Not Caught W/ Any Actual Images

Suspended A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack was unable to attend court today when his case – involving child sex offences – was mentioned, due to the fact he is still in hospital

However, his lawyer Sam Macedone told The Australian that despite being charged with sending child pornography material, McCormack was in fact never actually caught with photos, and that his charges have “nothing to do with usual child pornography”.
Macedone explained to journalists present outside the court:
None of the charges that have been levelled against him involves pictures or explicit details of young kids. It’s got nothing to do with the usual child pornography where you’ve got young children being photographed or in a video or anything like that. It’s nothing more than a discussion and that’s all there is.

Previously police had divulged that the charges involved the 42-year-old reporter engaging in sexually explicit conversations with another adult man about children.

Macedone confirmed that his client had not indicated which way he would plea. “I can’t properly get any instructions from Ben, he’s not in a good place,” he said.
Source: The Australian.
Photo: A Current Affair.