Ben McCormack Didn’t Appear In Court Today Because He’s Still In Hospital

A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack is reportedly still in hospital a month after he was charged with child pornography offences following a dramatic raid of Channel Nine‘s offices.

McCormack did not appear at Downing Centre Local Court today for a scheduled appearance. He was instead represented by his lawyer Sam Macedone“My client is not present today, he is still in hospital,” Macedone told reporters.

McCormack has not entered a plea on the child pornography charges, and remains on bail. His bail conditions require him to report to police regularly, and not to be in the company of anyone aged under 16. He is also banned from accessing the internet.
The 42-year-old senior reporter, who has been suspended from A Current Affair pending the charges, is accused of possessing child pornography. It is also alleged that he had a sexually explicit conversation with another man about the photos.
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Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: A Current Affair.