A group of South Africans on board a boat somewhere near the South Pole played fetch with a beluga whale.

That’s it. That’s the article.

Beluga Whale celebrating the Springboks victory somewhere close to the South Pole ! Spot the Cape Town build Gemini Craft and the South African accents ! ???????? ???????? ????????

Posted by Alon Kowen on Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Alon Kowen shared a video of the absurdly magical moment on Facebook, joking that the whale was also getting into the South African celebrations of a Rugby World Cup win.

“Beluga Whale celebrating the Springbrooks victory somewhere close to the South Pole!” Kowen said.

“Spot the Cape Town build Gemini Craft and the South African accents.”

In the footage, a person is seen throwing the rugby ball out to sea, before the whale brings it back and waits for it to be thrown again. It’s perfect. It’s wholesome. Did the beluga whale cure my depression? No, but it’s come as close to it as anything else.

The video has been shared a casual 40,000 times, while over on Twitter it’s been viewed by several million people. A rugby team in Seattle, which shared the video, reckons the whale prefers “the offload instead of the spin pass”. Those are certainly some sports terms.

Beluga Whales are considered one of the most intelligent creatures on earth – if you recall, that whale reportedly used by the Russians as a spy was also a Beluga. (Please note: we’re not condoning using whales as spies. Play some bloody ball games with them instead.)

Image: Alon Kowen